Sunday, 9 July 2017

Snow Season in Melbourne

The ski season is upon us in Melbourne, which means you can drive just a couple of hours from the city’s bustling limits and immerse yourself in a magical white landscape that’s filled to the brim with fun activities.

Melbournecity tours at this time of year are a great way to get to know the entire region – including the white-capped mountains that lie further afield.

Snow might not be something that’s commonly associated with Australia (it’s usually considered a hot country), but when June comes around, many locals and visitors flock to the mountains to try some of the adventurous winter pursuits that are on offer. 

The High Country that surrounds Melbourne in Victoria is set just a couple of hours from Melbourne and boasts a good amount of snowfall throughout the winter months. You can also catch a glimpse of the white stuff in Tasmania and New South Wales, but Victoria is one of the most popular snow-covered destinations. 

The Five Snow Resorts of Victoria
Victoria is home to five key snow resorts: Mount Hotham, Falls Creek, Mount Buller, Mount Buffalo, and Mount Baw Baw.
All of these peaks promise a good time, whether it’s during the winter months when skiing and snowboarding top to-do lists or whether it’s during the summer, when people escape the city to undertake adventurous activities in the mountains. 

Things to Do During Snow Season
If you’re heading to the mountains during snow season, expect to be kept very busy. The resorts all have a roster of great activities for all the family.

Tobogganing is a great way to introduce yourself to the snow in Australia, and is perfect for younger members of the family. You can glide down mountains, getting a rush of adrenalin as you go. 

Snow Play

When you’re not hitting the slopes, you can mess around in the snow in other ways. Snowball fights and building snowmen are two popular activities for people of all ages, but you can also just go for a walk and admire the scenery with its white winter blanket on. 

Skiing and Snowboarding
This list wouldn’t complete without skiing and snowboarding. These two activities top the must-do list if you’re in the mountains at winter. Each resort boasts a number of slopes and, when you’re not whizzing down the mountains, you can wander around the shops and restaurants that can be found in each town.

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