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Tour of the Week: Darwin Jumping Crocodile Tour

Darwin is renowned for its thriving population of crocodiles – in fact, it is home to the most concentrated population of them in the entire world, which makes it the perfect place to get to know these prehistoric creatures and see them enjoying their natural habitat.

On our Darwin Jumping Crocodile Tour, you can experience the majestic beasts up close while indulging in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

We’ll take you 60km outside of Darwin to the lush surroundings of the city. Here, the crocodiles make themselves at home in the peaceful waters of the Adelaide River and its surroundings. 

More than 1,600 saltwater crocodiles bask in the warm Australian sun here, feeding on the prey they hunt in the cascading waters of the river and entertaining visitors who take part in this special tour. 

This particular species of crocodile – the saltwater crocodile – is the largest reptile in the world and can grow up to a whopping seven metres in length. Weighing up to 1,000kg, their tails are made up of pure muscle, providing them with the leverage they need to powerfully jump from the murky depths of the river to catch their prey. 

On the Darwin Crocodile Jumping tour, you can see this pursuit in action as we take you along the Adelaide River on a leisurely cruise. We’ll venture right into the crocodile’s natural habitat during feeding time, so you can experience them taking these huge leaps up close and in person. Don’t forget your camera, as there will be plenty of photo opportunities as the magnificent creatures lurch out of the water to catch the dangling bits of meat we feed them as we go.

Afterwards, we’ll continue the wildlife experience with a visit to the Wetlands Visitor Centre and the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve. In these two picturesque spots, you can learn all about the fascinating flora and fauna that characterises this part of Australia and marvel at the stunning beauty of the unique and magical ecosystem.
Keep your eyes peeled for various species of colourful native bird, and take a stroll around the breathtaking landscape. 

This tour introduces you to the eclectic wildlife that surrounds Darwin. You’ll get to experience the incredible power of the world’s largest reptiles, discover the picturesque scenery that the Adelaide River is known for, and discover some of the country’s other iconic creatures at popular natural hotspots.

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