Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Tour of the Week: Must Do Melbourne Package

Experience everything Melbourne has to offer on our Must Do Melbourne package. Outside of the bustling city centre, you’ll get to discover and explore some of the region’s most incredible natural landscapes and attractions, including the sprawling scenery of the Great Ocean Road and the rich array of wildlife on Phillip Island.

Soak up views filled with wild coastlines and crystal oceans, learn more about the native animals, and take part in some once-in-a-lifetime adventures on this action-packed tour. 

The Great Ocean Road

On the Great Ocean Road part of the tour, you’ll get to experience the diverse beauty of one of Australia’s best-loved attractions. Breeze along coastal roads, stopping off at the iconic 12 Apostles natural wonder and walk along pristine beaches that seem to spread out forever. 

Along the way, we’ll take you to quaint towns, seaside resorts, and ancient rainforests to give you an all-round picture of life outside the city centre of Melbourne. 

We leave Melbourne and head to Surf Coast, before stopping off at some key attractions, like Memorial Arch and the Kennett River. In the afternoon, you’ll get to see the towering canopies of the Otway Rainforest and discover the fascinating stories that imbue the Shipwreck Coast. 

Phillip Island

Phillip Island sits just off the coast of Melbourne and boasts some of the best animal encounters in the entire country. While here, you’ll get to soak up the mesmerising paradise-island scenery and get to know the island’s local residents, including the popular colony of little penguins.

You’ll have the chance to get up close and personal with Australia’s best-loved critters at the Maru Wildlife Park, before we stop off at the Chocolate Factory to treat your sweet tooth. Afterwards, you can wander along Woolomai Beach and explore the famous Grand Prix Circuit. 

When the sun starts to set, you can watch the colony of little penguins waddle up the sandy shores to the safety of their burrows after a hard day’s fishing. Once they’re in bed, we’ll head back to Melbourne with memories full of incredible landscapes and cute creatures. 

Our Must Do Melbourne package is the perfect way to experience everything the city and its surrounding region has to offer. Once you’ve explored the wildlife and coastline, you can enjoy views from a different perspective from the Melbourne Skydeck. This 300 meter building is home to the fastest elevator in the Southern Hemisphere to gaze down on the glittering city below.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Get Adventurous With the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney is full of iconic landmarks that make it such a popular place for tourists to visit. Plenty of Sydney city tours give you the chance to experience everything on offer, including the rich cultural heritage and some of the best-loved attractions. 

If you’re in the city in search of an adrenalin-pumping adventure, head to the Sydney Harbour Bridge for an experience like no other. The exhilarating bridge climb gives you the chance to walk to the top of the bridge and gaze down on the city below, taking in some of the most iconic landmarks from the summit. 

There are a range of walks you can choose from depending on how you want to experience the city and your level of activeness.

The Express Climb is one of the most popular options, as you can explore the Harbour Bridge in two hours and fifteen minutes. You still get to climb right to the top of the bridge for its stunning views, but you won’t have to walk as far in the process.

Alternatively, you can opt for the The Bridge Climb for a more rounded experience, or the Sampler to give you a taste of what to expect. 

The climb starts from the base of the bridge and, once you’re all kitted up and ready to go, you’ll start making your way along the outer arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you go, you’ll clamber up ladders and catwalks with an experienced guide who will show you the easiest and safest route to traverse.

You’ll be climbing with around 13 other people, which makes it a fun and memorable experience, but it’s the views from the top that make it all worthwhile. When you reach the summit, you can look out over the miniature city below, spotting key landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour surrounds.

If it’s a clear day and you’re lucky, you might even get to see as far as the Blue Mountains in the distance, to give you a taste of the different landscapes that make up the city and its surroundings.  

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge is a must-do for anyone with a sense of adventure who wants to experience the city in a unique way. Not only will you get your adrenalin-pumping with a fun climb, but you’ll get to experience Sydney in a way that not many people get to.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Dancing and Didgeridoos at the Tjapukai Nightfire

Cairns tours Australia offer visitors the chance to not only experience bustling city life, but also the chance to dig deep into the rich and lengthy Aboriginal history that imbues the region.

Just outside of the city centre, Tjapukai, a restaurant set inside an Indigenous cultural centre, provides a set of unique experiences for curious travellers, including their Nightfire experience. 

This evening encounter lets you meet the Bama, the Indigenous rainforest people who have lived in this part of Australia for thousands and thousands of years. Throughout the evening-long ceremony, they introduce you to their fascinating culture and let you in on their age-old traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. 

As well as learning about the compelling dreamtime stories that have remained a part of the culture for as long as time, you’ll get to immerse yourself in Bama life by having your face painted and listening to an evening performance complete with haunting didgeridoo music and a lively dance show. 

The event is Tjapukai’s most popular offering, bringing together modern-day Australia with its fascinating and colourful ancient history. You can discover the lives of the local Tjapukai warriors and join in the Rainbow Serpent circle as you learn traditional songs spoken in the local language. 

When darkness falls, a ceremonial fire is lit, shooting a spectacular ball of fire right towards the clear night sky. When the fire is underway, it’s time to eat – another chance to experience the daily life of the local people.

Around the heat of the flames, you’ll tuck into a delicious selection of Australian meats, seafood, salads, and desserts, all of which are made using Indigenous flavours from the Flame Tree Bar and Grill. While you eat, you can chat to the Tjapukai warriors and discover their personal stories along with the stories of their people. 

The Schedule of Tjapukai’s Nightfire

The evening begins with a browse through the on-site art gallery, where you can peruse works by local artists before tucking into a selection of spiced canapes and a complementary glass of bubbly. 

Afterwards, you are invited to have your face painted in the traditional Bama style while you are given a cultural greeting by the local people and taken on the Didgeridoo Journey. 

Later, it’s time to witness age-old traditions come to life in the Tjapukai Aboriginal Dance Performance, after which the Lakeside Firemaking Ceremony begins, complete with a spectacular fire ball that shoots skywards. 

Dinner is a selection of meats, seafood, and salads, during which you can meet the Tjapukai performers and learn more about their daily lives. Before you go, you’ll have the chance to take photos with the performers and say goodbye.