Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Tour of the Week: Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves Tour

The Blue Mountains promise a surreal backdrop of velvet peaks and dipping valleys, as well as a unique ecosystem and some incredible natural wonders. Set just outside of Sydney, they offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, complete with an abundance of native wildlife and spectacular views.

At the heart of the Blue Mountains, you’ll find the Jenolan Caves, an award-winning magical natural wonder that boasts 11 stunning caves decorated with crystal clear rivers and mesmerising limestone formations. On tour of the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves, you can discover everything this unique part of Australia has to offer. 

Scenic World
Our first stop after we depart from Sydney is at Scenic World, which is home to the steepest railway in the world, as well as a range of other fantastic rides that let you view the ancient floor of the Jamison valley from a different perspective. You can also see the incredible Three Sisters from here, a quirky rock formation that dates back thousands of years, and learn more about the rich Aboriginal history that imbues the region. 

Jenolan Caves
Next, it’s on to the Jenolan Caves, the largest limestone cave system in the country. They are thought to date back over 340 million years, and you can explore their beauty on a guided tour. You’ll weave your way through the complex system of caverns, complete with underground rivers and unique limestone formations while you learn about the history of the caves and their unique ecosystem.

Blue Lake
Afterwards, you’ll have time to chill out and relax at the Grand Arch before we head on to experience the stunning beauty of the Blue Lake and the Caves Guesthouse. Here, you’ll get to tuck into a delicious bistro lunch (at your own expense) to fuel the rest of the day’s explorations.

On the way back to Sydney, we’ll journey through Homebush, which was the home of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Here, you’ll board a river cruise and venture back to Sydney via the exceptional landscape of the Parramatta River. We’ll dock in either Circular Quay or Darling Harbour, where this magical tour of the Blue Mountains and beyond unfortunately comes to an end. You’ll have plenty of memories of the sweeping landscape and the ancient caves, though, and a unique experience outside of the city centre under your belt.

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