Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What to Expect at Adelaide’s SALA Festival

Adelaide plays host to a number of cultural events throughout the year, and the month of August is dedicated to the South Australian Living Artists Festival, a.k.a. SALA. 

It’s renowned as the biggest and most innovated community-based visual arts festival in the entire country, and promotes a series of exhibits and events throughout galleries, art studios, and non-conventional spaces in the city. 

Shows and displays can also be found in places like cafes, restaurants, wineries, and offices, making the event city-wide and all-inclusive.

SALA prides itself on showcasing every kind of visual art medium going, including sculpture, painting, photography, mixed media, moving image, and a variety of installations both outside and inside. 

The event takes place throughout August and will feature a programme of more than 500 exhibitions held in Adelaide and beyond, and many Adelaide city tours during this time will include events that are part of the festival.

The Concept Behind SALA

The idea behind SALA is to create a platform where artists (both local and international) and venues can partner together and create new projects and pathways in the art world. They can then bring them to the public, reaching a wider audience than the artists and venues would have reached alone. 

SALA has considerably boosted South Australia’s reputation in the arts and culture world, and it has helped Adelaide be considered a culturally-rich and exciting place to live.

The History of SALA

The festival was set up back in 1998 as part of an initiative of the Australian Commercial Galleries Association SA

Brach to promote and celebrate many of the visual artists and creatives who live and work in South Australia. Its goal is to reach as many audiences as possible both in Australia and outside of the country, with a mantra of being inclusive to artist of all levels and all ages, and those who work in every kind of medium imaginable.

The month of August is a great time to visit Adelaide, and that is helped a great deal by the SALA festival. During this period, not only can you explore everything the city has to offer, from world-class restaurants to natural wonders, but you can also experience the vibrant art world that this part of Australia has become well-known for over the past couple of decades. If you find yourself in Adelaide, be sure to pop into any of the venues that are part of the festival to explore trending themes and to soak up a hearty dose of creative culture.

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